At our Future Logistics event, which was dominated by our switch to the first nationwide, fully CO2-free delivery network in the world, Jan spoke about the history, the present and the future of the electric car industry. An extremely inspiring and motivating story with more than enough humor to keep also non-market connoisseurs very interested. We have therefore enjoyed listening to Jan.
Sam Rohn, CEO Red je Pakketje

During the 2019 annual meeting of TLN sub-market United Couriers and Express Companies (VKE), Jan Wouters gave a lively presentation about the future of the automotive sector. Jan is a walking encyclopedia and in his story he connects history with current events and science. He likes to share his knowledge with his audience with great humor and he ensures the necessary interaction. Highly recommended for anyone interested in automotive technology and developments!
Hans Erik Ouwehand, chairman VKE

As an asset manager, we regularly organize theme meetings with relevant contemporary topics. In the last year we have been flooded by the media with an abundance of facts and fables about the future of our mobility and its electrification. This goes so far that you hardly dare to say out loud that you have bought a new (otherwise clean Euro 6d) diesel. Public opinion creates its own truths and judgments. Jan Wouters is able to captivate, trigger and interact interactively in a mobility journey from the past to the future in his own way and with a great sense of humor. From a scientific perspective and therefore mainly based on facts. Chapeau.
Stefan Roosendaal, Partner Auréus Vermogen.

We booked Jan Wouters for our seminar “Towards 2030”. We can say with great enthusiasm that we are very satisfied with Jan’s input during this evening. In addition, we have received nothing but rave reviews from the guests. Worth repeating.
Andy Bück, marketing manager Wealer Autogroep

Jan Wouters is a gifted speaker with a lot of knowledge and an extensive network. During ARN’s 2018 relationship day, he gave a refreshing look at the history of the car and innovation in the automotive sector. He treated the participants to a variety of fascinating facts and visions.
Martijn Boelhouwer, Manager Communication ARN

Jan Wouters was the speaker at our ‘TEAMday’, our annual event where we zoom in on current developments within our industry and in society. In the Automotive, developments are even faster and therefore more disruptive than in our own Technical Installation industry, so we can learn from that. From his positions at AutomotiveNL and NCAD, Jan combines the past with the present and with the future, and as a result he knows better than anyone which developments are hypes and which developments are likely to stick. That made him an ideal speaker for our purpose. Moreover, he conveys his knowledge with a good dose of humor that keeps the audience listening.
Ton de Win, managing director Elektroned

In an interactive presentation, Jan Wouters took us through the past to the future of the automotive industry. With humor he made us think seriously about the developments in the automotive market. Our guests enjoyed his presentation very much and his view on future business.
Guus van Dreven, managing director Autoschade Herstel Groep

Jan Wouters gave a presentation at the Nova College, Department of Motor Vehicle Engineering, to students, teachers and counselors from the business community. From the first minute, Jan managed to captivate the audience. He has given an overview of (car) mobility from a historical perspective and presented a number of scenarios for the future. He did this with a lot of humor and a lot of knowledge. Jan is a walking encyclopedia in his field. After the presentation, Jan took all the time to answer the many questions that those present still had. It was a very successful evening.
Ernst Dobber, Opleidingsmanager en Informatie Specialist Onderwijs ROC Nova College

ASN Customer event Wednesday 13 February 2019 at the Automotive Campus in Helmond.
PPG organized a customer day for a large network of repairers. The purpose of this day was an interactive, exciting and interesting day for our members. It sure was! Especially by the guest speaker of the day, Mr Jan Wouters.
Jan captivated the entire company by his unprecedented wealth of knowledge of the history of the Automotive industry. He managed to convey these with great humor, beautiful visual examples and carefully chosen words. During the day Jan effortlessly linked the various activities together for us. In addition, Jan is very pleasant to work with, he is interested in his guests and keeps your attention from start to finish.
Leonce Bimbergen, National Sales Manager CarAutomotive Refinish Benelux, PPG

In the summer of 2018 we organized a Knowledge Day for our customers in the inner-city food distribution market. As part of this, we asked Jan Wouters to give a presentation about his vision on transport, and more specifically, the conditioning during transport, in the future. Besides the fact that Jan is able to keep the audience captivated and enthusiastic through his way of presenting, accompanied by an infectious form of English humor, the content was also an eye-opener for many and everyone had a clear picture of the present, past and future of the possibilities of (conditioned) transport.
Henk Lammertse, General Manager Thermoking Transport refrigeration

Every year, Vialis organizes twice the Traffic Management Systems User Day for its customers. On November 15, 2018, the User Day took place at the Automotive Campus with the theme of the self-driving car.
Jan Wouters is the only speaker to go back in time this day. He shows on the basis of historical images that developments sometimes go erratic and often have a long history.
“We quickly think that something is possible, but we sometimes forget the impact of developments on other sectors. For example, the effects on the economy, employment or adapting the infrastructure. Changing a vehicle is not difficult, but changing an entire system is often very complex ”.
We live in the moment and tend to exaggerate developments in the present through group thinking and tunnel vision. In fact, the development of the self-driving car started more than a hundred years ago due to progressive automation of driver tasks; the first car with cruise control was there in 1959, and the first automatic gearbox in 1939. And the electric vehicle had already achieved a larger market share than it is today. Sometimes there are parallel questions or economic motives that cause developments to turn out differently than expected. ” Wouters is therefore careful not to make predictions. The future cannot be predicted. You can estimate a little until 2030, but it is completely impossible until 2050. ”
With his inspiring speech, he is the last speaker before lunch to captivate the audience in a humorous way. In short, highly recommended!
Frans van Waes, Innovation and New Business Developer, Vialis bv

In the summer of 2018, Jan Wouters formally closed our so-called RDW Binnenweek with an inspiring lecture. I had previously gained experience at the Career Day of the Automotive Center of Expertise with Jan and decided to ask him again. During the Binnenweek, we work with our inspectors on extra knowledge with regard to innovations in the automotive industry. With this baggage they fly out again around the world to test and approve vehicles for safe use on European roads. Serious things, in which we could use some sobering, relativizing words.
Jan gives his vision on innovations in the automotive industry / sector from applied history. That sounds like a dustcoat in a library, but you don’t know Jan yet! The English style humorous technician collects, manages and discloses a unique archive in car and traffic history with all RDW type approvals since 1946! Jan calls this cultural heritage. He likes to discuss the mobility of the future and its efficient implementation. Jan knows how to captivate the audience in an interactive way, he is the technician among the technicians and therefore not averse going into the deep. This makes Jan a highly valued credible speaker.
Josée Sombekke, Senior Advisor Vehicle Regulations and Admission, RDW

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