In recent years I have given many presentations about the future of mobility to various groups, including:

AHON IAK, AMT, ANWB, ASE Global, ATC West-Brabant, Athlon Car Lease, Aureus Vermogen, Auto Recycling Nederland, Automobiel Management, Automotive Campus, Automotive Center of Expertise, Autoschade Herstel Groep, Benteler Engineering, Bosch, BOVAG Autorijscholen, B-Style Mobility Solutions, Car Camp Repair, Centrale Expertise Diensten, Creativity World Forum, Deloitte, Elektroned, Embassy of Canada, Febelcar, FOCWA, Gemeente Helmond, Haagse Hogeschool, Holland High Tech, Innovam, Itelligence, IVA, KNAC, Lions clubs diversen, MBO Raad, Metaalunie, MS Amlin, NIO, Nova College Hoofddorp, Power Research Electronics, PPG Industries, Prodrive Technologies, PSA Groep, PTV Nederland, Rabo Real Estate Finance, RDW, Red je Pakketje, Rotary clubs diversen, RVO, Schone Lucht Rally, Stichting Onafhankelijk Schadeherstel, Tejin Aramid, Thermoking, TLN, Transfrigo Route Nederland, Tridec, TU Delft, VACO, Vereniging Gehandicaptenzorg Nederland, Vialis, VNA Lease, Volker Infra, VSN, Wealer Autogroep

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